Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper by Hoont Review

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Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper by Hoont Review

Do insects such as mosquitoes and flies irritate you while you are trying to sleep? Perhaps you are looking for a way to prevent diseases such as malaria that can be caused by insects like mosquitoes.

This Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper Mosquito killer by Hoont can be an effective solution to your mosquito and flying insect problem. Read more so you can find out why you should use Hoont’s indoor electronic bug zapper.

What makes Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper by Hoont the best?

The features that come with the Hoont Bug Zapper make it stand out.

Removable chain

Bug Zapper by Hoont features a removable chain to hang the zapper out of the reach of children and pets. This makes using the electronic mosquito killer at home safe, especially if you have children and you don’t have to worry about their safety.

You can hang the insect killer anywhere to protect you. This is one of the great features that makes this electronic bug killer one of the best.

Safety mesh

Hoont’s powerful electric indoor zapper comes with a safety mesh which ensures that you and the people you love are protected. The mesh keeps you away from the UV light filament and the metal grids that could harm you. Though the safety mesh keeps you, your family and pets safe, ensure you hang the device, so it is out of the reach of children.

Ultraviolet bulbs and metal grid

The mosquito killer features 20-watt ultraviolet bulbs that work to attract flying insects into the machine. Once the insects are attracted, they make contact with the electrically charged metal grid that kill them instantly. The insects, therefore, are killed before they disturb you.

Also, hanging the device approximately 6’ above the ground makes it more effective in  catching bugs. If you want to kill mosquito and flying insects, the Hoont’s Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper mosquito killer is a product you should seriously consider.

Bottom tray

This mosquito killer comes with a tray that is located at the bottom of the unit which collects the killed mosquitoes and flying insects. You can easily remove the tray for cleaning and dispose of the bugs for easy maintenance. Keep in mind good maintenance will prolongs the zapper’s life.


Easy to use

While other insect killer devices might give you a hard time when using, Hoont’s bug Zapper is different. You do not need technical knowledge to use this machine.

Easy to maintain

It comes with features such as a removable tray that is easy to maintain. You don’t have to call a professional to clean the tray; you can remove it any time dispose of the bugs and clean it.


The ultraviolet bulbs make it highly effective by attracting insects to the light where they come in contact with the metal grids and are killed. This means there will be no more mosquitoes or flying insects to disturb your sleep.

Odor and chemical free

There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals and pesticides when you have the powerful electronic Indoor mosquito killer by Hoont. The device does not require pesticides or other chemicals to get rid of irritating flying insects.

Covers a broad area

Hoont’s electronic indoor bug zapper spreads light in four directions. It may cover an area of up to 6,000 sq. ft., making it ideal for use at the office, home, restaurant, hospitals, and schools. The large coverage helps it attract more insects, and thereby protecting you from their annoying sounds and diseases associated with them.


Zapping noise

While it effectively keeps away the annoying insects, the zapping sound that comes when killing the bugs may be irritating.

Unsecured bottom tray

The removable tray for killing insects has nothing to hold it in place. This makes it unsafe as the plate could fall.


Although it produces a little zapping noise, it is one of the most effective insect killing machines you can purchase. Some insect killing machines are only suitable for outdoor use. But Hoont’s mosquito killer can be used in offices, kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, and for industrial purposes. This machine is also easy to use, clean, and maintain.


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