Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer Review

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Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer Review

Getting rid of insects is not an easy task especially if you are not using the appropriate method. You can employ various ways to eliminate mosquitoes from your home or office. Most of the time, people use insecticides and end up exposed to their harmful effects, but electronic insect killing devices are the safest to use.

In our review, we will share more information about the outdoor and indoor electronic mosquito killer by Oittm. Continue reading to discover this new way to do away with the insects in your home.

Features of Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer

When you go to the market, you probably want to find the best mosquito killer. Here is why you should choose Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer.

Detachable collection box

This mosquito killer device features a removable collection box that is sealed to avoid the trapped mosquitoes from escaping. The collection box can easily be removed for cleaning and disposing of the dead insects.

Innovative design

Are you looking for an outdoor mosquito killer that has a modern design? This could be the device you are looking for. Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer is designed in a way that it comfortably suits any decor. The design is appealing, but this does not keep it from attracting mosquitoes and flying insects

LED lamp

Electronic mosquito killer by Oittm features an LED lamp that works by releasing light waves of 365 Nm in length which attracts mosquitoes and flying insects. Once the mosquitoes make contact with the bug trapper, they die.

This mosquito killer has proved to function in an entirely physical way to succeed in mosquito elimination. If you are looking for a device that can quicklyget rid of mosquitoes in your home, then Oittm’s electronic device is your choice.

A 360° suction power

You might also like this feature. The device has a 360°suction power. This only means that any mosquito that flies in close proximity to the device will be will be dragged into the insect collection box by the suction created by the devices small fan, and air dried to death.

USB cable

Are looking for a bug killer with a USB power supply? This outdoor electronic mosquito killer by Oittm comes with a USB that has DC 5V regulated voltage that helps in supply of power. You can connect it with a power bank, adapter, computer or any device that has a USB port.

User manual

It comes with a user manual to help you learn how to use this device without having to search online for instructions on how to use the device.



Some devices are heavy, but this mosquito killer is the exception. It is not heavy, and this makes it easy to carry around. You can move it from one room to another without feeling its weight.

Low power consumption

The power rates continue to increase every day, and that is why you should consider using a device that has low power consumption. Oittm’s mosquito killer has a rated power of 5W which is good if you are looking to have bug killer that consumes less power.

Money-back guarantee

Oittm offers service a 30-day money back guarantee after you purchase this product. It also includes a 12-month trouble-free warranty with caring customer service. Within this period, if you are not satisfied with how the product works, you have the option of returning it.


This electronic mosquito killer takes the environment into consideration. It is environment friendly, and therefore the environment is protected from harmful chemicals. Not only does non-toxic device benefit the environment, it also protects you from chemical exposure.

Easy to clean

A device that is easy to clean makes it easy to maintain and thus prolongs its life. The electronic outdoor and indoor mosquito killer by Oittm has a detachable collection box that makes it easy to clean. You can remove the dead mosquitoes from the collection box and readily clean it.


While the mosquito killer seems efficient, the manufacturer warns against the frequent opening of the storage box. The storage box, therefore, has a short lifespan and can easily be damaged leaving the dead mosquitoes to be scattered around and pose a health problem.

Our verdict

Oittm’s electronic mosquito killer is the most efficient way of doing away with mosquitoes and other flying insects. It is perfect for use in both outdoor and indoor situations. If you are planning to have an outdoor activity, consider purchasing the Oittm’s Electronic Mosquito Killer.


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