MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer Review

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MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer Review

Mosquitoes carry the deadliest diseases in the world. No wonder why they are most known pests worldwide! They carry malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, yellow fever, and most recently, Zika virus. They can roam around your house without your knowledge. They can suck your blood at night. Is your home safe?

You can make your home safe from mosquitos by treating your home with pesticides or applying insect repellents. A mosquito fogger will kill mosquitoes and other pests using a device that emits pesticide fog. However, make sure that no one is in the area while it is being fogged, and do not re-enter the area too soon after it is treated. The pesticide in the fog is harmful to humans.

Insect repellents are economical and easy to use. Insect repellent lotions or sprays will repel mosquitos from skin, furniture, and other surfaces. Recommended insect repellents should contain DEET, and are sold under many different brand names in the form of sprays, lotions, and gels.

However, mosquito foggers can be too harmful to humans, while insect repellents do not exterminate these pests. If you are looking for a mosquito killer that is safe and kills mosquitos fast, try an electronic mosquito killer. There are many of them available in stores, but one product that does its job effectively is the MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer.

Features of MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer is made with advanced photo catalyst technology that generates carbon dioxide and water. This formula creates a human scent that attracts mosquitos, especially the females that lay eggs, and other kinds of insects.

The bulb is cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) that effectively illuminates the titanium dioxide coated surface to attract mosquitos.

It has trap adjacent to the almost silent fan where the mosquitoes are trapped, dehydrated, and killed. It kills trapped mosquitoes in 8 hours.

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer has a voltage that ranges from 50 volts to 250 volts. It consumes electricity as low as 2 watts. Though it may be small,it covers up to 400 square feet.

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer is easy and safe to use and clean. Simply rotate its middle portion once to open the box at its base.

You can also conveniently charge the MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer in different ways – socket, car charger, power bank, and adapter.

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer comes in a modern-looking design that easily complements many interiors.


  • Attracts mosquitos well
  • Silent
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylishdesign
  • Compact size, saves space
  • Great indoor trap
  • Effective
  • Energy efficient


  • Made of plastic casing
  • Electricity operated


Mosquitos can reside in your home and bring diseases. How would you sleep at night knowing that there are mosquitos roaming around you?

A good mosquito killer is an electronic mosquito killer, and one of the most effective, best-selling models is the MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer.

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer has a compact size and elegant design. Aside from these external features is the unique cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) that produces water and carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitos and other flying insects. It has a trap where it snares and kills mosquitos within 8 hours.

What most users love about MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer is its effectiveness in killing mosquitos inside and outside the house. It is easy and safe to use and clean too. Plus, MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer is energy efficient. It has a 2-watt energy consumption, and has a voltage range of 50 to 250 volts. It can be plugged into various power sources, such as power bank, adapter, car charger, and socket.

Using an electronic mosquito killer is simple. Place it in the area where mosquitos are most prevalent. Hang it or place it on the ground. Plug it into a power outlet, and wait for it to emit the UV light.

Have a mosquito free home with MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer!


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