Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer Review

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Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer Review

What to look for in a mosquito killer? First, it should be effective in eradicating these pests. Second, it should not be harmful to other insects that are beneficial to the environment. Third, it should be affordable.

One of the best mosquito killers that have all these factors is the electronic mosquito killer. An electronic mosquito killer is composed of four main parts that work together to kill mosquitoes instantly.

Light bulb

The bulb, usually UV or fluorescent, produces carbon dioxide and other substances that attract mosquitos. It lures the mosquitos into the device.

Wire grid

When the mosquitos fly toward the bulb, the wire grid zaps them with a high voltage which electrocutes them instantly.


The transformer supplies a high-voltage to the wire grid, up to 2,000 voltages or higher. The transformer increases the voltage from your household outlet to an amount deadly enough to exterminate mosquitos.

Exterior casing

The exterior casing prevents accidental contact with the high-voltage parts. It is made with plastic, or electrically grounded metal.

Electronic mosquito killers are becoming popular nowadays because they are easy to use, and do not emit harmful substances. They come in different sizes and shapes, and most of them cost less than $100. Here is one electronic mosquito killer that looks sophisticated, yet is still affordable: the Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer.

Features of Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer

The Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer features a 360 nano bionic purple light wave that attracts the mosquitoes. It works atall angles so it can reach many mosquitos around the area.

In addition to the light wave, it has a new air-pressurized system that effectively keeps mosquitos in the device to kill them.

The Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer also features an intelligent light control to save electricity. It consumes only 4W, and has a 5-volt power source.

What’s more, the Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer has soft LED light that does not hurt the eyes. This is another unique feature because most electronic mosquito killers have glaring LED or fluorescent lights.

Despite its powerful killing features, the Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer works silently. In fact, it has only 35 decibels of noise level – that is lower than an air-conditioner!

Unlike many other mosquito killers, the Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer is free from chemicals and toxins so it is safe for humans. Even its radiation is only deadly to mosquitoes, but not to humans and other insects.

The Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer is easy to maintain. It comes with removable and washable storage box where the debris is accumulated.


  • Works silently
  • 360-degree light wave
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Aerodynamic system
  • Auto power control
  • Removable mosquito box
  • Toxin and chemical free
  • Radiation free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Soft LED light


  • No electric storage functions
  • Not rechargeable


An electronic mosquito killer is a very convenient way to get rid of mosquitoes. It is made of four main parts that lure mosquitos and instantly kills them: the light bulb, wire mesh or wire grid, transformer, and exterior casing. There are a lot of choices in the market today, but the Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer is unique.

It has a 360-degree nano bionic purple light wave that reaches mosquitos everywhere. The bionic light effectively lures the mosquitoes, and the pressurized system traps them. Trapped mosquitos will be exterminated in an instant, and gathered in the mosquito storage box below the unit.

You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, toxins, and radiation. The Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer does not use anyof these substances. It is very quiet at only 35 decibels. Another thing that’s unique about this electronic mosquito killer is its soft LED light that is not damaging to the eyes.

But what makes Luckstar Electronic Mosquito Killer better than this or other mosquito killers is its bionic technology and aerodynamic system that most electronic mosquito killers do not have.


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