Burgess Propane 1443 Insect Fogger Review

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Burgess Propane 1443 Insect Fogger Review

This lightweight Burgess propane insect fogger is the most economical way to get rid of mosquitoes, flying insects, and biting flies.

Mosquitoes can be troublesome, and if not well controlled, they can cause diseases such as malaria and Zika. If you have difficulty controlling mosquitoes on your property, consider using the Burgess Propane 1443 insect fogger.

This fogger is an efficient and durable solution for your insect problems. It comes at an affordable price and has a high craftsmanship quality. Foggers are one of the best mosquito control techniques that will help you decrease the population of mosquitoes in your yard.

It produces microscopic particles that penetrate deep into landscape places killing the insects on contact, reducing the chance of contracting mosquito-borne diseases and making outdoor time much more pleasant.

Features of Burgess Propane 1443 Insect Fogger

  • It kills and repels flies and mosquitoes for up to 6 hours
  • It treats an average 5,000-square-ft. yard in less than 10 minutes. It thoroughly treats in places where mosquitoes are found such asshrubs, dense foliage and ground cover
  • Compatible with a 14.1oz. tall style or 16.4oz. short style propane cylinder.You can easily move it from one place to another. One tank provides approximately 2.5 hours of continuous fogging
  • Everyone can access the treated area as soon as the fog disappears in less than 5 minutes
  • It reduces insecticide into microscopic particles making it easier to penetrate deep into hidden areas.
  • It works only with Cutter, Black Flag or Repel fogging insecticides
  • Provides the same effectiveness used by experts to kill control mosquitoes
  • It needs a standard propane fuel cylinder that is sold separately
  • It has dimension of 6.9” x 15.5” x 11.2”
  • It weighs 2.8 lbs.
  • Burgess has a trigger lock that prevents accidental insecticide dispersion
  • Use in outdoor residential areas only
  • Reliable and safe, high-quality heating coil; covered with a 1-year warranty


  • Burgess 1443 propane offers quick treatment of mosquitoes. The propane fogger vaporizes faster, producing a high amount of fog which enables to easily fog of a larger area (5,000 sq. ft. on average) in just a few minutes.
  • It is portable and convenient. This fogger works with a lightweight propane cylinder. Also, it does not have any electric cables, so it cannot limit you. Once you have filled up the tank with insecticide, you can use it anywhere outdoors
  • It is compact and easy to use. This device is very compact when compared to other ULV or commercial thermal foggers. It is light and easy to hold; this makes it perfect for use in gardens, parks, backyards and other outdoor places
  • It has long-lasting effects. This fogger produces very tiny particles that allow the fog to spread fast and float through the air. The microscopic particles enable the fog to penetrate deep into insects’ havens. After 5-10 minutes, the fog settles, and you can enjoy your outdoor space. Its effects can last for 6 hours or more depending on the weather conditions, area and the kind of insects present in the area. Nonetheless, for you to achieve longer lasting effects, you can repeat the process
  • It has an affordable price; the Burgess 1443 is one of the best-priced mosquito foggers based on its performance.
  • It has 12-months warranty
  • It is durable, made of high-quality materials that can last for a long time without breaking
  • It has easy trigger pull
  • It works great when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes from your yard


  • It does not have an automatic ignition
  • It has a larger reservoir compared the size of the device. The tank that holds the insecticide solution is too large to use in small areas. Typically, when spraying, you need to fill up the reservoir since small amounts will affect the performance of the fogger. Sometimes when spraying the small areas, you are forced to pour the leftoversout after the usage
  • The gas valve has no calibration marking
  • It has a yellow tank that makes hard to tell how much solution is in the tank
  • It gets too hot for your hand


If you are searching for an easy and economical way of controlling mosquitoes, then this Burgess 1443 is the ideal solution.

The fogger emits a powerful insecticide fog which kills insects upon contact and repels mosquitoes for many hours. It is economically priced. This tool is long lasting, giving you value for your money. Therefore, consider purchasing Burgess Propane and enjoy your time outdoors.


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