Tried and tested: How do you kill mosquitoes?

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Tried and tested How do you kill mosquitoes

How do you kill mosquitoes? These pests love moist environments, and in all parts of the world, they spread many life-threatening diseases. Where there are humans, there are mosquitos. These pests are attracted to their prey by the following:

  • Body odor
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Body temperature
  • Movement

You might not know it but your house might be infected with mosquitos. They breed in deep, small crevices, and dark, humid areas. They suck blood but only female mosquitoes use its blood to provide nutrients to their eggs, and help them to breed.

It is difficult to get rid of small insects that fly and roam around in and out your house. So, how do you kill mosquitos?

How do you kill mosquitoes?

There are several ways to kill mosquitos, depending on your budget, the affected area, and your timeframe. There are easy ways to kill mosquitos, but are they effective? Know more about the different ways to slay these pests:

1.  Mosquito fogging

Fogging instantly kills mosquitos, cockroaches, and other pests. It is a device that produces fog with pesticide. It is necessary to leave the area before it is treated, and avoid returning too soon after treatment.

2.  Removing breeding sites

Mosquitos love damp, cool environment. Their breeding sites are usually stagnant water. Remove any stagnant water in tires, puddles, unfiltered fish ponds, empty pots, and other areas. Check any tools that can hold water, remove them or put them upside down.

3.  Electronic mosquito killers

These are devices that are commonly used to conveniently kill mosquitoes. They are made with light bulbs that attract the mosquitoes, and wire mesh that electrocutes these pests. They come in different types, most of which can be plugged inside your home.

Some examples of safe and effective electronic mosquito killers are HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap, MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer, and Kooder Bug Zapper and Mosquito Killer Lamp. They are the best-selling options available because they satisfy consumers, and effectively slay mosquitoes and other pests.

How to prevent mosquitoes in your home?

There are also many effective preventative ways to keep mosquitos off your skin and outside your home.

1.  Insect repellents

Insect repellents, such as lotions and sprays are substances composed of chemicals that mosquitoes hate. Apply insect repellent lotions to uncovered skin or spray repellents on furniture, and other surfaces.

The most effective and popular repellents have 30 – 50% DEET, and are safe for adults and kids over two years old. DEET provides protection for a few hours so it should be reapplied often. Some insect repellents have 15% picaridin which has a lovely scent, and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.

2.  Mosquito nets

If your room is infested with mosquitos, you might want to cover your bed with a mosquito net. It provides protection against these pests by preventing them getting inside, and biting you. Make sure that the net doesn’t have holes. Mosquito nets are short term solutions to keep mosquitos away.

3.  Window screens

Some houses have window screens to prevent mosquitos and other insects from getting inside. Close them before the dusk when mosquitos love to fly around and get inside.

4.  Citronella

Citronella is a plant hated by mosquitos. Place citronella plants in the areas where mosquitos dwell. You can also pick a leaf and rub it over your skin, and around your home. The scent keeps mosquitos away. Citronella also comes as commercial citronella oil. Burn the citronella oil to keep mosquitoes away.

These preventive measures are important to keep mosquitoes out of your home. While mosquito nets, citronella, window screens, and repellents keep these flying pests away, it is more important to kill them. How do you kill mosquitoes that doesn’t involve a lot of time and effort?

Clean your environment by removing stagnant water and other surfaces where mosquitos can breed and reside. But another convenient way to kill them is by using electronic mosquito killers. These devices are made with UV light, wire mesh, and housing to attract and kill mosquitos. They make a safe environment inside and outside your home.


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