Mosquitoes 101: What can I put in standing water to kill mosquitoes?

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Mosquitoes 101 What can I put in standing water to kill mosquitoes

Mosquitoes live and breed in stagnant water. But if you have a fish pond or water feature in your yard, you may find that you develop a mosquito problem. Most fish pond owners ask, “What can I put in standing water to kill mosquitos?”

Aside from annoying bites, mosquitos are dangerous too. They can transmit deadly diseases including malaria, dengue, and Zika virus. But generally, mosquitos get nutrients from plant sugars. Only the female mosquitoes bite and suck human blood to nourish their eggs. So, you can be unintentionally helping the mosquitos to breed and lay eggs up to 300 at a time!

Let’s get down to business and find out how to get rid of those mosquitoes instantly.

What can I put in standing water to kill mosquitoes?

There are different options that you can put in standing water to kill or prevent mosquitos or larvae from breeding and hatching in it.

1.  Mosquito bits

Mosquito bits are tiny pellets made with bti bacteria known to be poisonous to mosquito larvae. Bti bacteria control larvae but it is safe to other wildlife. Bti bacteria contain no other toxins that can be harmful to other animals including frogs, and fish. Mosquito bits are suitable for smaller areas of standing water including muddy areas, swamps, and pots.

How to use mosquito bits? Simply spread one teaspoon of bits in 25 square feet of standing water.

2.  Mosquito dunks

Mosquito dunks are also made of bti bacteria. They are donut shaped and can be dunked in larger areas of standing water including fish ponds. Like mosquito pellets, dunks do not harm other wildlife, they only kill mosquitoes in just a few hours, and last for one month.

Mosquito dunks are affordable. Put one mosquito dunk 100 square feet of standing water. It is effective at eliminating mosquitoes and larvae within 30 days.

3.  Bleach

Bleach is effective at whitening clothes, and sanitizing sinks and other surfaces. But did you know that it can also kill mosquito larvae? It has 5.25% sodium hypochlorite that acts as the active ingredient to kill mosquito larvae. It is best used in gutters and pools.

One drawback of bleach is that it contains toxins that may be harmful to other living organisms. Make sure that you don’t add bleach to standing water where other animals might drink from.

4.  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice added to drinks and desserts to add flavor and aroma. It can also be used to kill mosquitos by adding it to standing water. It is environmentally friendly,and safe for other wildlife. How to add cinnamon in standing water? Add 15ml of cinnamon oil to 100ml of water. It will kill mosquito larvae fast.

You can also apply cinnamon oil on your skin to keep mosquitoes away. Apply just a little to avoid a sticky feeling.

5.  Apple cider vinegar

You can also put apple cider vinegar in standing water to kill mosquitos. It is natural and non-toxic for other wildlife. Use a ratio of 15% vinegar to 85% water.  However, this solution might not be as effective as the other options.

How to get rid of mosquitos?

You can also use other tried and tested methods for killing mosquitos. Such as mosquito fogging, and electronic mosquito killers.

Fogging is a method that emits thick fog with pesticides to kill mosquitos in large areas. It is usually done in establishments such as schools and offices. People must be vacated from the area before fogging, as the chemicals are harmful to humans.

Electronic mosquito killers eradicate mosquitos that roam at night. They are plugged into power outlets to light up the UV light bulb that lures the mosquitos. Then, the wire mesh electrocutes the trapped mosquitos, and burns them.

Examples of electronic mosquito killers are the HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap, Kooder Mosquito Killer Lamp, and MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to kill those annoying, deadly mosquitos. You have a lot of affordable options to help exterminate them, such as cinnamon, bleach, apple cider vinegar, mosquito dunks, and mosquito pellets.

But as a responsible citizen, choose the substances that are safe for other wildlife. Some of the above-mentioned options to kill mosquitoes can do harm to other living creatures.


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