Mosquito killers 101: How electronic mosquito killer works?

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Mosquito killers 101 How electronic mosquito killer works

While you are having a relaxing time at home or outside, mosquitos might also be having a good time on your skin. Sometimes you notice them, but sometimes, they come stealthily. If you find that you have a problem with mosquitos in your home, it’s time to get electronic mosquito killer. An electronic mosquito killer is a device that instantly kills mosquitos.

How electronic mosquito killer works?

An electronic mosquito killer, also called electronic insect control system or simply bug zapper, is a device that traps mosquitos and kills them with a high-voltage power source. Once a mosquito is electrocuted, you will hear a short buzzing sound.

We will find out how electronic mosquito killer works by identifying its main parts:

Light bulb

The light bulb, often a fluorescent light or UV light, attracts the mosquitos. An electronic mosquito killer may have one or more light bulbs.

Wire grids or spirals

The light bulb is surrounded by wire grids or spirals. These are pairs of intertwined bare wire grids where high-voltage of electricity runs. It is where trapped mosquitos are electrocuted instantly.


The transformer supplies high-voltage power to the wire grids. It may be made of diode and capacitors that can create up to 2,000 volts or more.

Exterior casing

The exterior casing houses the light bulb, transformer, and wire grids to prevent accidental contact. It can be made of electrically ground metal or plastic, and comes in different shapes and sizes – cylinder, rectangle, or lantern. It may also have different designs.

Best-selling electronic mosquito killers

There are different kinds of electronic mosquito killers on the market today. Some are big, others are small enough that they can be put inside your pocket. However, some use different methods to attract and kills mosquitos. To help you decide which mosquito killer is right for your home, here are some best-selling electronic mosquito killers available:

MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer features advanced photo catalyst technology that creates a combination of water and carbon dioxide. These substances have ahuman-like scent that lures mosquitos. The bulb is a cold cathode fluorescent lamp reflects a titanium dioxide coated surface that is responsible for emitting these substances.

The MBOX Flying Insect Trap Killer covers an area of up to 400 sq.ft. and has a voltage of 50 – 250 volts. It attracts the mosquitos well and kills them in an instant. Plus, it can be charged in different ways such as power bank, adapter, car charger, and socket.

HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap

The HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap has a stylish design and is also portable. It can be charged directly to the power source, and can kill mosquitoes in one room. It is made with two high-intensity UV lights, and high-voltage metal grid.

To protect from accidental contact, the HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap is covered with an insulated lid. As it is compact, it consumes lessenergy making it a more eco-friendly option.

Kooder Mosquito Killer Lamp

The Kooder Mosquito Killer Lamp features LED light that stimulates air circulation to attract the mosquitoes, and a high voltage metal grid that electrocutes them. It is compact, and its mechanisms work silently. It can be used both as a beautiful night lamp and a mosquito killer.

What users love about HIG Insect Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Trap is its non-toxic, chemical free function. It is energy efficient too, so it can save users money.

Electronic mosquito killers are easy and effective to use. They are a convenient way to get rid of mosquitos without the harmful chemicals and toxins. You can choose from a wide variety of electronic mosquito killers today. Have a mosquito free life!


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