Mosquito control 101: What is a good mosquito killer?

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Mosquito control 101 What is a good mosquito killer

We do everything to protect our family from harm. But,if you use pesticides to kill mosquitos and pests you may also be harming your family as well. Pesticides contain chemicals that are not safe for humans. Fortunately, there are other non-chemical methods to remove mosquitos from your home.

There are four kinds of mosquito killers: the mosquito magnet, ultrasonic repellents, zappers, and mosquito fogger. How does each mosquito killer work? Which among them is the most effective in eradicating these pests?

What is a good mosquito killer?

Mosquitos are one of the most prevalent pests in the world. Luckily, manufacturers are coming up with different equipment or tools to get rid of these pests. But, because of the wide variety of mosquito killers available, identifying which one is most effective can be a challenge. Plus, you also need to consider health hazards that a mosquito killer might have.

When choosing for a good mosquito killer, consider the characteristics of mosquitos including what they attracted to, how they hone in on their prey, and the kinds of mosquitos in your area.

Here are the kinds of mosquito killers that you can choose from:

1.  Zappers

Zappers are commonly thought to kill or drive mosquitos away. But many people do not know the real purpose of zappers: to attract and kill flying insects. They utilize UV light to attract the flying insects into the electrical grid where they are electrocuted. Zappers do not only kill mosquitos, but other flying insects too such as beetles and moths which are not dangerous pests.

2.  Repellents

Repellents come in the form of lotions or sprays that are applied to the skin, clothes, and other surfaces to keep the insects away. Common insect repellents are lemon eucalyptus oil, DEETs, citronella, neem oil, and birch tree, among others. Proper application of insect repellents should be observed to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

3.  Mosquito fogger

A mosquito fogger is a product that produces fog with insecticides to eradicate mosquitos, arthropods, and other insects. It is one of the cheapest ways to control pests. However, foggers are dangerous to humans which is why the area to be fogged needs to be vacated before use.

4.  Mosquito magnet

Mosquitos are known to be attracted to body heat, body odor, and carbon dioxide. Mosquito magnet kills these pests by attracting them with a mix of carbon dioxide and octanol to attract the mosquitos into the device and kill them. However, they can be more expensive compared to other mosquito killers.

How do mosquitos target their prey?

Mosquitos are little, but deadly pests. It is important to understand how they travel and hunt. There are four ways how they find their prey: through body odor, carbon dioxide, movement, and body temperature. The blood that mosquitos suck is not utilized, except by the female mosquitos that use the blood to nourish their eggs. 

Kinds of mosquitoes

There are many kinds of mosquitos but the following kinds pose the most danger:

1.  Culex mosquito

Culex mosquito can spread filariasis, encephalitis, and West Nile virus. These diseases are deadly.

2.  Anopheles mosquito

The anopheles mosquito is prevalent worldwide, but commonly inhabits tropical and sub-tropical areas, and transmits malaria. Malaria is a life-threatening disease transmitted through the female mosquitos’ saliva.

3.  Aedes mosquito

Aedes mosquito carries Yellow fever, encephalitis, and Dengue fever. But it has gained much more notoriety worldwide since it began transmitting the deadly Zika virus.

How to prevent mosquitos

When it comes to mosquitos, “prevention is better than cure”, and you can do it by killing them or shooing them away. One effective way to eradicate them is to eliminate the areas where they can breed. Remove any stagnant water and prevent moist areas where these pests can breed.

You can also keep mosquitos away from your homes by putting up window screens and nets. These are usually closed before the dusk, the time when mosquitoes usually roam around.

Knowing more about mosquitoes and the type of living conditions they inhabit, can help you identify what is a good mosquito killer. Aside from effectiveness, also consider the safety of the mosquito killer to protect your family from hazardous chemicals.


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