Learn Valuable Information About Mosquito Traps

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Learn Valuable Information About Mosquito Traps

New devices are taking over the mosquito control market known as mosquito traps. These are designed to mimic human breath in a bid to lure the insects before trapping them in a container or net where they drown or die of dehydration.

One question on consumers mind, however, is, do mosquito traps work? To answer this, it is safe to say that if you put it in the right place, set it up right, and tune to the appropriate species attractants, the traps can be effective.

Learn Valuable Information About Mosquito Traps

Although different brands make their products in various ways, some of the essential features stand out that make the devices valuable including:

  • Attractants- the traps come with an attract lure or bait strip that makes the insects fly to the trap. A majority combine carbon dioxide and octenol for the pests.
  • Heat systems- almost all brands use some heat emission that attracts the insects when they are close by. It is usually close to the trap intake system.
  • Light arrays- some products feature sophisticated light systems with options that flash both invisible and visible spectrums at oscillating frequencies proven to appeal to the insects. Others utilize blue light systems or night lights.
  • Catch system- these differ where some devices use capture cups, sticky papers, fans that suck the mosquitos, mesh catch bags, liquid catch container, and vacuum and catch net among many other.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work

The products manipulate the sensory ability of the insects by tricking them with some features that mimic the visual stimuli and smells of human beings.

Note that when the mosquitos are hunting for blood meals, the female species fly around 25 feet of the grounds utilizing some sensing organs that help to identify the human prey like:

  • Compound eyes- these have tiny lenses that the mosquitos use to distinguish prey and spot movement which comes in handy for day-biters. They also have to light sensitive, simple eyes.
  • Maxillary palpus- these help the insects to not only locate warm blooded prey but to identify capillaries that are easier to reach on the surface of the skin.
  • Antennae- these detect carbon monoxide that comes from people’s lungs. Furthermore, it can pick out hundreds of chemical odors that human skin produces like octenol which is present in sweat.

A majority of the traps produce light, heat, carbon dioxide, ocetenol, fragrances or a combination to draw in the mosquitos. For the ideal results, a person needs to place them in the places that people gather and their source.

It is also a good idea to try putting them in different locations until you find the most appropriate spot. Additionally, it is wise to explore various attractants to pinpoint the one that appeals most to the local mosquitoes.

Noteworthy is that the traps work on adult mosquitos (mostly female). For the people who are curious and keep asking; do mosquito traps work? Need to understand that buying the products means that they will be investing the safety and comfort of their homes.

Just like buying any other product it is important to take time and compare options on the market because not all of them are made equal. There are superior brands that will consistently attract and kill the pests significantly reducing their population in your compound.

Keep in mind that regardless of how impressive the results may be, the traps will not solve the mosquito problems entirely thus you should consider an excellent control plan that follows an integrated approach which includes reducing the breeding sites while still using the trapping devices.


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